In Helsinki in 2019, the net migration of population with a foreign mother tongue was positive in all age groups apart from over 45-year-olds. The migration gain was highest in the age group of 20–29-year-olds.

Language groups that had the highest net migration in Helsinki in 2019 were native speakers of Arabic (409), Russian (366) and Somali (353 people). In 2019 Helsinki had a 484-person net migration loss of Estonian native speakers. No more than ten years ago, the annual net migration gain of Estonian native speakers was around 500, and in 2012 it peaked at almost 1,000, only to start declining rapidly. Yet in 2015, it was still 241 people.

Net migration of citizens of South, West and Middle Asian countries was 1,280 people and that of citizens of African countries 545 people. The net migration gain of nationals from other EU countries and other countries of northern and western Europe – 86 persons – was lowest since a long time. The domestic net migration of EU citizens was negative.