Home to no less than 29 per cent of Helsinki’s foreign-background population, the Eastern Major District has a clearly higher proportion of foreign-background residents than have other major districts of Helsinki.

At the beginning of 2019, the proportion of foreign-background residents among the local population was highest – over one-third – in the Kallahti, Meri-Rastila, Itäkeskus, Kontula, Jakomäki, Kivikko and Kurkimäki sub-districts. The lowest proportion of foreign-background residents was found in Santahamina, Pirkkola and Suomenlinna.

In terms of continent of origin, most background-country groups in Helsinki are concentrated to, above all, the Eastern, but also the North-eastern and Western Major Districts. Of those with a Russian or Estonian origin, over two-thirds lived in these major districts in early 2019. Those originating from North America, Sweden or South America most typically lived in the Southern Major District.